FRID Membership

As a Florida Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (FRID) member, you will be supporting a statewide effort to initiate, sponsor, promote, and execute policies and activities that will further the profession of interpreting and transliterating. 

New Members Only

Important Dates

Aug 1-- Renew your membership!

Aug 31-- Membership expires, end of fiscal year

July 1-- New fiscal year

Sept 1-- QA/EIE Levels are terminated due to non-payment of membership

Feb 1-- Cutoff date for reinstatement of QA/EIE

Current Members -- Log-In/View Profile to Renew



To become a member of RID, visit Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID)

New Members

Our Fiscal Year is from July 1-June 30. FRID membership dues are non-refundable. QA/EIE screening payments can be refunded with a process fee of $25 if requested before the expiration of one year. 

All FRID membership payments must be made online. We do not accept any checks or cash payments.

Renewing Members

The official renewal period is during the month of AUGUST each year.  DO NOT apply as a New Member if you are renewing your membership. 

How to Renew Membership
Login with your email and password, click on "View Profile," then click on "Renew until 2018." 
You may also "Edit your Profile" at any time.  Be sure to select any information that you would like to show in the online Member Directory and click "Save" at the bottom.  If your QA and/or EIE Level will expire this June 30th, you must renew as a Supporting Member.

If you were a Pre-Certified Associate Membership during this past fiscal year, but have since become RID Certified, please contact the Membership Chair who will change you from an Associate Member to a Certified Member.  This can take place either before or after you renew your membership.

Attention Associate Members

Termination of Quality Assurance Levels (QA) and/or Educational Interpreting Levels (EIE)

According to FRID bylaws, "An individual’s QA and/or EIE Level shall be terminated for non-payment of dues or maintenance fees, which results in an invalidation of screening, and individuals thus forfeit all rights and privileges of such status." FRID memberships expire on June 30th each year.  In order to maintain a QA and/or EIE Level, one must renew online by July 1st and provide RID membership documentation to the membership chair.  On September 1st of each year, lapsed memberships will be archived.  Members who hold QA/EIE levels who fail to provide RID documentation will be changed to Supporting members and their QA/EIE levels will be invalid.

QA/EIE Reinstatement Following Termination for Non-Payment of Dues In accordance with FRID bylaws, each fiscal year ends on June 30th. Membership dues must be paid prior to July 1st in order to avoid a lapse in membership. There is a two-month (60 day) grace period during July and August. If membership dues are not paid by September 1st, QA/EIE Levels are terminated for non-payment of dues. After September 1st, applications for reinstatement of QA/EIE Levels may be submitted to the Board of Directors, along with membership dues, a $25.00 late fee, and a $100.00 reinstatement fee.  The cutoff date for reinstatement is February 1st. 

Dual Membership Requirement for QA and/or EIE

Any member who has a QA and/or EIE Level must be a Pre-Certified Associate Member of FRID, as well as a member of RID.  Dual membership to both organizations is required, according to the FRID bylaws. If you are not a member of RID, you do not meet the requirements for Associate Membership and your QA and/or EIE Levels are invalid.  Annually, all Pre-Certified Associate members are required to provide RID documentation to to maintain their QA/EIE level(s).

Member Benefits

  • FRID Membership Card
  • Reduced registration fee for the FRID conference/regional workshops
  • Leadership opportunities to serve on a committee or task force
  • Opportunities for networking and collegiality
  • Online payment option FRID conference registration
  • Voting privileges for Nationally Certified/Pre-Certified Associate Members
  • Free individual CEU processing for Associate/Certified Members
  • Listing in the FRIDOonline Member Directory
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Access to employment opportunities
  • Active involvement in state legislative matters
  • Membership fees may be used as a deductible business expense
    (See for details)


    Your first name, last name, and interpreting credentials automatically appear in your Member Profile in the Member Directory. Out of respect for your right to privacy, all other personal information is set, by default, AS PRIVATE. If you would like more information to show, log in and click on View Profile > Edit Profile > Access by Others > radio buttons for email address, phone number, etc. 
    When you log in as a member, aside from being able to Edit Profile and set Access by Others, you can also check the box for Subscriptions. By default, you are currently subscribed to receive event reminders, e-newsletters, messages from administrators, and other important notifications. If you no longer want to receive such information, log in and deselect subscriptions. We encourage you not to do so however, as the Floridan is now published electronically and we want to keep you informed. Email blasts will be kept to a minimum.
    The FRID MEMBERSHIP CARD IS EMAILED AFTER THE RENEWAL PERIOD. PLEASE BE SURE TO Use Upper and Lower Case and type your name  as you want IT to appear on your card. 
    You can log in and update your profile at any time, including change of name or address. 
    The Directory Listing Text in the Public Member Profile is reserved for FRID related information (DSA Recipient, Board Member, etc.), not for Individual Members to use for personal narratives or professional advertisements. A new field has been added to the database, so Individual Members can check “Yes” to be listed as an Independent Contractor. Organizational Members have the option to check Independent Contractor or Interpreter Agency and are entitled to use the Directory Listing Text, as one of the benefits of an Organizational Membership.

All FRID membership payments must be made online. We do not accept any checks or cash payments.

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