Communications Committee

Committee will keep all members up to date on anything happening in the interpreting community, the Deaf community,  and with FRID.


  • Responsible for making sure all FRID members are up to date and any and all upcoming or current information including:
  • Run the FRID Social Media pages (FB, SnapChat, Instagram, Twitter)
  • Produce a newsletter to keep members up to date on information and events happening in the community.
  • Operate the FRID website
  • Keep up to date and anything that happens in an FRID board meeting (provided from secretary)
  • Produce a newsletter.
  • Create and maintain blogs and vlogs about information and updates pertaining to the community and profession.


  • FRID member in good standing
  • Background in newsletters or flyers
  • Skilled in Word
  • Communications skills

Number of members: 5 (plus the Chairperson)

Current Members
Haley Tanner
Email Me

Sarah Serralta, Rachel Goette, Holli Tempe, Anna Marquez

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